Man using a laptop at the airport.

Why Study Online?

Benefits of Online Training:

  • Work at your own schedule, your own pace
  • Work at home, in a coffee shop, in the park—anyplace you can get online
  • Learn from a group of teachers, each with unique experience and viewpoints
  • Access reference works and support materials easily, immediately, and at no further cost
  • Get individualized instruction and feedback within a group setting

“Thank you so very much for the class. I really enjoyed the ability to prepare and work on the class at different stages and times, as well as being able to work on this class with my work/life schedule. The class format gave me the time to think about and reflect on the many areas of mediation that we learned, rather than doing it all back to back in a one week setting. I cannot say enough good things about the class. This was the first online class that I have ever taken, and the facilitators were always there to share your points of view and assist us in learning about the mediation process.”
—Gary Kujawski, HOA Information Officer

“The perfect mediation course for professionals with an active practice. I did the whole course on my iPad between hearings.”
—Lisa M. Gomez, Attorney

All course and reference files, plus supplementary materials—including a glossary and sample forms—remain accessible after classes end.